The Ultimate Dorm Essentials!


If you’ve ever lived in a dorm (or currently do), you know the challenges: noisy roommates, prison-like dimensions and zero storage. Below is the list of essentials that’ll define your space without building walls.




  1. For the ultimate seat to mold to your body, the large Money Beanbag chair is it- once you’re in, you won’t want to get out! Perfect for dorm room furniture or just for fun, big oversized it can double up as sleeping bag!
  1. The Lamp swivels to put light where you need it – plus, it charges and plays music from your iPhone.
  2. Kate Spade Speakers that double up as artwork. Get yours at Saturday
  3. Every surface counts when you’re battling zero square footage. Even a tissue box! Buy this multipurpose tissue box at Amazon
  4. Fog-resistant mirror suds up without missing a spot. Fog free shower mirror is available @ Urbanoutfitters
  5. Okay, this clap on, clap off clock might annoy your bunkmate, but its pretty hilarious. Now available @ All+Modern
  6. This unique hanger Hanger helps you save space in the wardrobe, as it holds 5 pairs of pants.

How cushions altered the look of the Hampton’s beach house!

A boring beach house gets the “WOW” factor. Plus, get the look with our “How To” guide.


1. With a passion for surfing, the entryway is gracefully treated with the magnificence of the white sky and the whimsical blue of the Atlantic. What makes us fall in love with this space are the laid back cushions. Taming the vibrancy of blue, the cushions perfectly meld with the décor.



2. Radiating and preppy orange cushions steal our heart. Orange adds a beautiful texture to muted color palette and in this space the dark variations create a depth that lights up the living room.



3. The over – the- top green fuels a very playful and animated collaboration. Breaking the cardinal sin of color coordination and with a good reason, the patterned abstract cushions helps to volume up the color scheme.


4. This furniture and home décor collection radiates a let's-set-sail feel with striped fabrics and a classic color palette of white and blue and the cushions just amplify the theme.


5. Bizarrely fascinating and lazy, the space is bright, bubbly and enthused with colorful cushions. We love the flexibility that would work for intimate groups as well as the big parties. 



Photographs: Elle décor (Photography By William Waldron/ Produced By Robert Rufino)

4 Reasons Why “BACK TO SCHOOL” Works For Us!

1. Your school campus practically turns into a live fashion ramp.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your look or dress. Be the kind that looks cool and stands out for some serious fun. Plus what are those fall sales and dozens of “back to school commercials” for? Dig in the deals and put a whole different self for the world to watch!



2. Summer escapades

Everyone will agree to this, hearing your friends ridiculous summer escapades that may or may not be true had you secretly make up our own story to amp up the cool quotient and its fun. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone)



3. And of course meeting your F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

You have your own secret jokes and weird handshake ritual that can make even a dead guy walk in shame. But who cares, the bizarreness of your friendship thrills you and is the sole reason that survives you through boring classes.



4. Back to school is your best revenge to the teachers. And yes it is sweet!



For more follow us on Twitter! Till then Happy “Back to School” Day!


Nautical Trends!

Whether you live by the beach or think of ocean breezes, #WowWork brings beach inside your home with some fantastic coast elements to enjoy sea themed accents indoor!



1. Inspiration for a cozy beach day #Wowworks Paddock cushion instantly turn your dining area into a beach getaway.

2. Resonating lazy boat parties, delight your cutlery with cute little nautical rope

3. Frosted Nautical Wine Glasses, perfect to bring on the boat!

4. Break up the blue palette with soft sandy hues of Nautical Coasters

5. What’s a beach home without the hint of nautical stripes! Nautical infused tablescape mirror the beach, just right!

Outdoor Spring Styling With Cushions.

Now that spring is here, the outdoor areas are screaming for your attention. While you may pull off the spring-cleaning routine with pizazz without styling it’s still work half done and its no secret: patterned cushions make for an easy spring touch. So here’s Wow!Works instant recipe to bring in some spring cheer.

1. Getting the perfect fusion of outdoor furniture takes time, money and serious commitment, try a less permanent solution like these grey patio cushions. Bright and poppy they surely make for stunning visual treats. 

  1. Nothing drastically changes the vibe of an outdoor space like bold set of red cushions. Dramatic and daring, red pillows are here to channel some fresh spring fever and create some serious fun space. 


3. What’s spring without floral motifs? These cushions best capture the color and texture of spring with ease. Chic and totally affordable, we just love them! 


4. A colorful bling of brightness they rightly showcase the festive summer shades.  Bright, energetic they are perfect for a summer party. 



5. Its spring! Switch the dark shades for some fresh and airy palette. These neutral pillows with a kiss of gold are elegant and super cool for a summer retreat. 



So what are you waiting for unleash that stylish couturier in you and revamp the outdoors with your magic wand. And, if you’re not sure where to pick a mix of such beautiful pillows then Wow!Works should be your ultimate buy pillow destination. 


Image courtesy: Google.


Oriental Cushions and their fun facts.

Get into swing of spring with some fun oriental cushions.  A quirky take on cushions from the land of early rises, scroll down to know more. 

1. Dakimakura

Daki (Clinging) Makura (Pillow) also called the Dutch wife are originally from Japan. Often referred to as love pillow in the West, they come in different sizes and shapes and at times with erotic prints.  


2. Guling

Guling is a long hugging pillow from Indonesia. Think of them as soft cushions in shape of a gigantic sausage. A necessity for every bed, rest assured you’ll have a peaceful sleep.

3. Abrazador

Abrazadoe originating in Philippines are similar to Guling. They are more than often used as hugging pillows.


4. Shitou zhentou

Shitou Zhentou (rock pillow in Chinese) is made from jade and hails from China. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, jade is said to cure headaches and depressions. Interesting fact, families often married off children based off the quality and intricacy of these pillows.



To know more about hugging pillows follow Wow!Works on Pinterest and discover the beautiful world of pillows. 

Awe your spring makeover with perfect cushion layering.

Displaying cushions is an art in itself and it’s all about finding the right balance between layering, pattern and size. So be kind and slow with your layering until it feels right. Here’s sharing a few secret tips on how to get your cushion layering spot on.


1. Traditional layering:

As symmetry would suggest place large cushions on the outside and sink the smaller ones inward. This is a traditional layering style inclusive of the cushion pattern and color. Symmetry and classic shapes is key to traditional layering style and are simple to do.


2. Pattern layering:

This layering is all about rumpled comfort and a pleasing jumble of patterns. Spring forward and mix n’ match, have fun with punchy pattern cushions and prints and don’t forget to pin them inwardly in any one direction. Playful and mystic it surely pumps in some personality to the room.


3. Happy scattering:

For this style all bets are off. A mimic of traditional layering with a hot twist, scattering cushions are poppy and add a surprise element to the décor. Play with different shapes of cushions or simply put together whatever pleases your visual sense. And in case you’re short of cushions, this styling can actually be a great way to add some crowded feel.


4. Space them down in the lucky corners:

Gamble with even number of pillows; pair the contrast in each corner and have them run inwardly.  This simple styling is a great example of how minimally furnished space can be characterized with random pattern pillows.


5. Styling the single cushions:

Single cushions are great fillers for spaces with little interior designing scope. However, while placing a single cushion, make sure it is done artistically. Align the cushions in wave to major frames, artwork or lampshades. And avoid karate chop of single cushions they’re cruel and bring out a stark décor.


Lastly, always remember a healthy tension of tones and patterns with right layering will simply allow the cushions to effortlessly compliment the space. Happy Spring!



Spring styling: Go Bananas for gorgeous cushions!!!

It’s spring!!! Throw away your blankets and greys and browns out that open window, and let in some fresh and bright spring makeovers. This season go bonkers for colorful patterned pillows. Comfortable, stylish, affordable and easy to swap with changing seasons, Wow!Works colorful cushions are your ultimate spring style guide.

  1. High on gorgeous quotient, Wow!Works spring inspired colorful vine cushion is first on our  list. Ultimate in luxury seating, mix n’ match them with loud furnishing patterns such as bright red accent sofa and see them speak style.



  1. Next on our list is Wow!Works fresh blooms- the butterfly cushions. These eye-popping pillows available in bold red and blue, add a burst of vibrancy to any setting. Layer them up and make an unexpected color statement for your home decor.



  1.  A splash of bold color in Wow!Works Paddock cushion is your perfect Spring pick. If you wish to add spur-of-the-moment change to your home décor consider playing with our Paddock cushions. Now available in multiple colors.



  1. Inspired by dreamy bubbles, Wow!Works Bubble cushion guarantees you a foolproof spring look. Fit for all kinds of décor themes; get ready to bring on some fun energy with these playful bubbles.



Still looking for some more inspiration, then follow Wow!Works on Pinterest and discover the latest cushion styles, furniture trends and many more. Meantime in the next blog we’ll share some secret Wow!Work tips about pairing and arranging patterned cushions to suit your spring décor, so stay tuned! Happy Spring!