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Spring styling: Go Bananas for gorgeous cushions!!!

Posted by Trupti Vabale on

It’s spring!!! Throw away your blankets and greys and browns out that open window, and let in some fresh and bright spring makeovers. This season go bonkers for colorful patterned pillows. Comfortable, stylish, affordable and easy to swap with changing seasons, Wow!Works colorful cushions are your ultimate spring style guide.

  1. High on gorgeous quotient, Wow!Works spring inspired colorful vine cushion is first on our  list. Ultimate in luxury seating, mix n’ match them with loud furnishing patterns such as bright red accent sofa and see them speak style.



  1. Next on our list is Wow!Works fresh blooms- the butterfly cushions. These eye-popping pillows available in bold red and blue, add a burst of vibrancy to any setting. Layer them up and make an unexpected color statement for your home decor.



  1.  A splash of bold color in Wow!Works Paddock cushion is your perfect Spring pick. If you wish to add spur-of-the-moment change to your home décor consider playing with our Paddock cushions. Now available in multiple colors.



  1. Inspired by dreamy bubbles, Wow!Works Bubble cushion guarantees you a foolproof spring look. Fit for all kinds of décor themes; get ready to bring on some fun energy with these playful bubbles.



Still looking for some more inspiration, then follow Wow!Works on Pinterest and discover the latest cushion styles, furniture trends and many more. Meantime in the next blog we’ll share some secret Wow!Work tips about pairing and arranging patterned cushions to suit your spring décor, so stay tuned! Happy Spring!