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Awe your spring makeover with perfect cushion layering.

Posted by Trupti Vabale on

Displaying cushions is an art in itself and it’s all about finding the right balance between layering, pattern and size. So be kind and slow with your layering until it feels right. Here’s sharing a few secret tips on how to get your cushion layering spot on.


1. Traditional layering:

As symmetry would suggest place large cushions on the outside and sink the smaller ones inward. This is a traditional layering style inclusive of the cushion pattern and color. Symmetry and classic shapes is key to traditional layering style and are simple to do.


2. Pattern layering:

This layering is all about rumpled comfort and a pleasing jumble of patterns. Spring forward and mix n’ match, have fun with punchy pattern cushions and prints and don’t forget to pin them inwardly in any one direction. Playful and mystic it surely pumps in some personality to the room.


3. Happy scattering:

For this style all bets are off. A mimic of traditional layering with a hot twist, scattering cushions are poppy and add a surprise element to the décor. Play with different shapes of cushions or simply put together whatever pleases your visual sense. And in case you’re short of cushions, this styling can actually be a great way to add some crowded feel.


4. Space them down in the lucky corners:

Gamble with even number of pillows; pair the contrast in each corner and have them run inwardly.  This simple styling is a great example of how minimally furnished space can be characterized with random pattern pillows.


5. Styling the single cushions:

Single cushions are great fillers for spaces with little interior designing scope. However, while placing a single cushion, make sure it is done artistically. Align the cushions in wave to major frames, artwork or lampshades. And avoid karate chop of single cushions they’re cruel and bring out a stark décor.


Lastly, always remember a healthy tension of tones and patterns with right layering will simply allow the cushions to effortlessly compliment the space. Happy Spring!