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Oriental Cushions and their fun facts.

Posted by Trupti Vabale on

Get into swing of spring with some fun oriental cushions.  A quirky take on cushions from the land of early rises, scroll down to know more. 

1. Dakimakura

Daki (Clinging) Makura (Pillow) also called the Dutch wife are originally from Japan. Often referred to as love pillow in the West, they come in different sizes and shapes and at times with erotic prints.  


2. Guling

Guling is a long hugging pillow from Indonesia. Think of them as soft cushions in shape of a gigantic sausage. A necessity for every bed, rest assured you’ll have a peaceful sleep.

3. Abrazador

Abrazadoe originating in Philippines are similar to Guling. They are more than often used as hugging pillows.


4. Shitou zhentou

Shitou Zhentou (rock pillow in Chinese) is made from jade and hails from China. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, jade is said to cure headaches and depressions. Interesting fact, families often married off children based off the quality and intricacy of these pillows.



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