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How cushions altered the look of the Hampton’s beach house!

Posted by Trupti Vabale on

A boring beach house gets the “WOW” factor. Plus, get the look with our “How To” guide.


1. With a passion for surfing, the entryway is gracefully treated with the magnificence of the white sky and the whimsical blue of the Atlantic. What makes us fall in love with this space are the laid back cushions. Taming the vibrancy of blue, the cushions perfectly meld with the décor.



2. Radiating and preppy orange cushions steal our heart. Orange adds a beautiful texture to muted color palette and in this space the dark variations create a depth that lights up the living room.



3. The over – the- top green fuels a very playful and animated collaboration. Breaking the cardinal sin of color coordination and with a good reason, the patterned abstract cushions helps to volume up the color scheme.


4. This furniture and home décor collection radiates a let's-set-sail feel with striped fabrics and a classic color palette of white and blue and the cushions just amplify the theme.


5. Bizarrely fascinating and lazy, the space is bright, bubbly and enthused with colorful cushions. We love the flexibility that would work for intimate groups as well as the big parties. 



Photographs: Elle décor (Photography By William Waldron/ Produced By Robert Rufino)