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About Us

Wow! Works LLC is a company based out of New York! We take pride in being purveyors of fine and unique goods since 2011. These are a few core values that we stand by:


Quality Materials

Here at Wow! Works we take our materials very seriously. From fabrics to plastics and paints to components, we use only the best. Sourcing our materials from al the necessary corners of the world, we will stop at no limit to make the best. It is the first of our three cores.

Human Factors + Design

It doesnt matter how good it looks if its not so comfortable and/or easy to use. At Wow! Works we keep usabilty and comfort in mind every step of the way. Your good experience is our motivation. This is our second core.


Well if it is comfortable, easy to use and made from fine materials, what else could it need? Fun ! Here at Wow! Works we are dedicated to making the most mundane items fun and engaging. It is our third core, but the closest to our heart.